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Monday, 21 January 2019
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For who?

A holiday home for vacation purpose is found as the best solution when seeking liberty together with a luxurious accommodation in a charming environment. Due to the variety in sites, comfort, facilities and capacity this type of holiday accommodation suites all kind of groups. Whether it is a group of friends, relatives, special interest groups as large as they can be for each of them there is a suitable accommodation. A private surrounding with luxury and comfort, as if it was your own home. Besides for holiday reasons, some of the properties presented here can also be used for long-term residency.


What is a holiday home?

As we said before holiday homes come in all kind of varieties. A holiday home is therefore chosen on basis of personal and individual motivation and perception. For one it is a luxurious villa with a pool in a splendid region, while for the other it’s a cosy old farmhouse on the top of the hill. The properties are chosen on basis of their atmosphere, character, authenticity, situation and comfort. That luxurious villa at the beach can be presented next to a unique chalet high in the mountains, a farm in the wood or a beautiful cottage aside a river. Some holiday homes can also be found in a residential park.


How you calculate the price of your holiday home?

Under each description of the accommodation you will find the price given. These prices will also explain whether they are per week, midweek,  weekend, or long weekend stay. Some holiday homeowners require a minimal of two week stay during high season. All costs that are not included in the price need to be paid to the owner or representative on the arrival or departure. INTERACCO will not interfere in these payments and can therefore not be held responsible for anything that concerns these private regulations of the homeowners. The extra charges can be counted per person, per stay, per week or per consumption. Please pay good attention to this issue.

INTERACCO has the right to alter its prices if changes occur such as extra charges, exchange rates or other kind of price increase. If this adaptations occur it will be charged to the client after the client is being notified. All properties on our site are presented without engagement, which means that we can recall a reservation if it is already booked by others.


Reservation fees

We do not charge any extra costs for reservation.


Reservation & Payment

If you have selected a holiday home that can suit your desires you should follow the procedure as explained on the reservation page in order to be sure you have placed a reservation. After reception of this reservation by our reservation department your desired accommodation will be reserved on behalf of you. If the holiday home is not available anymore during the given period we will contact you with an alternative. This alternative should be confirmed by you first in order to settle the reservation. You will then receive a confirmation and a request to settle the first payment. The reservation is to be confirmed definitely after reception of this first payment which is 40% of total amount (for European citizens only). Payment method is by bank transfer to our bank account in the Netherlands. Final payment should be settled no less than 6 weeks before your arrival in the holiday home. You will then receive the vouchers and itineraries after the receipt of this final payment. If a reservation is placed 6 weeks or less before arrival, you will be requested to settle the total payment at ones. Reservations from non-European Community need totally to be settled before any confirmation can be made.



If you need to cancel the reservation you have made with us you will have to pay some charges for this. The cancellation fees are follows:

  • Until 6 weeks before arrival 40% of total amount
  • From 6 to 4 weeks before arrival 60% of total amount
  • From 4 to 2 weeks before arrival 80% of total amount
  • 2 weeks or less 100%

In case of a cancellation you will have to return the vouchers and itineraries to us before we can return you the money. We recommend that you take a cancellation insurance. Cancellation can only be accepted for  circumstances of illness or serious familial reasons. If you travel with less people than initially counted for, will not be accepted as a serious reason.



When you wish to make any changes to the reservation you have already made you have to pay a fee for this. This fee is € 30,- per change.


Maximal capacity

In the description of all the accommodations it is mentioned what maximal capacity is allowed. If you are with more than this capacity it will not be allowed. At the reservation you have to indicate us with how many people you are taking the holiday home. We can not be held responsible if you arrive with more than allowed and the owner will not hand you the keys.



Not all owners accept a pet in their holiday homes, whether it’s a small or big animal. If you wish to bring your pet you should request that at the reservation. Sometimes it is also explicitly mentioned in the description of the accommodation.

Tourist tax

Tourist taxes are not included in the price. This should always be paid on the spot and can vary per person, per stay or/and per region. INTERACCO will also not be held responsible for these fees.


Arrival and departure

On your vouchers you will be informed about the time you can enter the home and the time you have to hand over the keys again. Very often it is 16:00 hour arrival and 10:00 departure. If you arrive later than the specified time then you will be expected to inform the caretaker/owner of this time change in advance.

The arrival and departure-day is always on Saturday. With some exceptions during low-season. You can not change this unless you have requested it and thereafter approved by the owner.


Final cleaning costs and other payments

Needless to say but you have to leave the home clean and in the same condition as you have accepted it. In some cases you can pay for your final cleaning and leave that over to the owner or manager. These costs are not included in the rental-price but are mentioned there under. Next to these costs it is mandatory to pay some extra charges for heating, electricity, gaz, water, swimming pool, sheets or towels if this is the case. If known, these prices will also be presented under the price per week.



For the most reservations you will need to give a certain amount that can be held as caution for any damages and losses. For the luxurious properties this amount can be quite high. In most cases the owners will accept a cheque or credit card but more often they require cash money. When you hand over the key and no damage or loss is caused they will return back your caution. Some people who leave the accommodation before departure time or very early in the morning will receive this caution back on the their bank account. Make sure you make clear agreements on this issue with the owner or representative as we will not interfere in this. INTERACCO can therefore not be held responsible for it.



The most holiday homes are private ownership. This means that the interior and decoration of the homes are totally different and dependent on the owners taste and choices. Some homes are decorated simple while others are luxurious. Please keep in mind that you are a visitor in someone’s home and that you need to respect and treat the furniture with the necessary respect too. All damages caused will be on your own account.



When you notice a failure, incompleteness or you believe that you are not given what you have reserved, you need to inform the owner or representative about this. When you believe that your complaint is not taken seriously or not treated to your satisfaction you can contact our office in order to assist you. In all cases you should not leave the holiday home without our approval as you will lose all your rights with this departure.



We have tried to present here all the recent information of the homes as accurate as possible. Nevertheless, it is possible that some information is not up to date. INTERACCO can therefore not be held responsible for any of these mistakes or any incompleteness. We can also not be held responsible for any damage caused by inaccurate information on this website.



Accommodation of the month


  • Summary: Beautiful holiday villa located on a high quality holiday park in Cabo Negro, Tétouan, Morocco.
  • No. Bedrooms: 2
  • People: 6 Adults / 2 Children
  • Region: Tanger-Tétouan
  • Prices From: €600


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