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Monday, 21 January 2019
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Interacco complies in full with the legislation in force regarding personal data protection, and with the confidentiality obligations associated with its activities. This is to inform you of the existence of an automated personal data file owned by Interacco, which is used to inform users about our products, as well as to market services provided and activities related to these services.
Interacco has adopted the technical measures required to maintain the necessary level of security, in accordance with the nature of the personal data handled and the handling circumstances, with the aim of avoiding, as far as possible and always using the latest technology, its alteration, loss, or unauthorized handling or access.

When a customer relationship is established, Interacco shall need to collect some essential data from the customer in order to provide its services. The user may also be asked to provide additional data on a voluntary basis, which shall be used for information purposes and to market the services offered.
When asked for this personal data, the customer or user shall be informed of the destination of the information, the purpose of the data collection, the identity and address of the person responsible for the file, and the power users have to exercise their rights regarding access, rectification, cancellation and opposition to the way in which the data is handled. The personal data collected shall be handled with absolute confidentiality and shall only be passed on for the expressed purpose and always with the consent of the user or customer.

All private forms of communication established between Interacco and the customer shall be considered confidential, and Interacco shall undertake to maintain the confidentiality of personal data, with the duty to store it and adopt all the measures necessary to avoid its alteration, loss, and unauthorized handling or access, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations on security measures. In addition, there shall be a confidentiality obligation for any information exchanged between the parties, which is agreed to be of such confidential nature, or which is simply seen to relate to the content of said information. The displaying of data on the Internet shall not suppose direct access to said data, unless there is express consent from its owner on each occasion.
In order that the information contained in our files is always up-to-date and does not contain errors, we ask our customers and users to inform us, as soon as possible, of any alterations and rectifications to their personal data.

The user shall give their consent to Interacco using their data (from Internet navigation) to publicize it (using the navigator or software) to third parties (depending on the websites that you visit) that could be useful to you in relation to the services requested of Interacco.

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